• Aleksandar Tomovski



Starting as a story for one's personal journey to the unknown, behind the curtains through the narrow passages, where very few have been given the privilege to dive into the clouds of mystery and magic behind the creation of an artistic masterpiece..

Little did he knew that somewhere, something incredible was waiting to be known.

Twelve muses defying the unbearable heat of the August afternoons and the invisible dark force lurking among us, short on breath but full of passion and desire to dance the story of a very special little girl; with every crack of their bones, every stretch of their muscles and every look in their eyes - telling the story about triumph of serenity over fear, peace and harmony over the never-ending battles and struggles.. a story of hope for morning sun ray so powerful that will pierce through the fabric of every nightmare and illuminate the beautiful daydreams..

Like the little girl's daydream, written with ink of emotions, spilled through the time and space with mesmerizing movements, by one of the greatest artists - Sasha Evtimova.



Angela Bogatinova, Medina Jusufovic, Hristina Nakevska, Ilijana Danilov, Angela Velevska, Mila Ninovska, Bojana Hristovska, Ivana Dimkoska, Martina Dimovska, Melanija Gocevska, Andrijana Bogatinoska, Simona Mitovska

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